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Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck

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  • How to use the Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck™:

Try starting at the beginning, with one card a day or week, as a therapeutic path of personal transformation and life study.

Try the upward, Liberating “Shakti Nature” path with the nine: “Your Nature” Chakra cards and as you feel like there’s good work to do, follow your nose into the 42 chakra-in-chakra cards.

Or, “That which comes up, must go down”: Try the manifesting “Shiva Nature” path, beginning with the “Alignment Cards” as your ideal, and practice allowing sacred abundance begin to dissipate your troubles.  Observe what comes up, and begin your direction from all the “Crown” in all the other “Crown chakra-in-chakra” cards; manifesting down, rebirthing through your Root, and so on.

Liberating or Manifesting, try working with the yin-yang, inner-outer cards like the “Countenance” cards, or “Root in Crown” and “Crown in Root”, sitting them side by side, and discover integrative perspectives; with grounding and inspiring, side by side.  

Or, Let your fingers draw your path.  Pick a card, any card, 
and see which path the universe would like you take.
2.00 LBS
$7.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Did you know that your chakras are as individual to YOU as your fingerprint? Each chakra holds the energy of all seven colors and potentials with in it, so there is MUCH more to your chakras than just the 7 primary chakras. Would you like to align your potential with what is happening in your life? The Bodhi Yoga Chakra Deck, includes 64, full-color Cards, each with a BEAUTIFUL Chakra Mandala, Mantra, and Meditation. Discover the beauty in learning everyday chakra alignment, to support, transform and awaken your life!

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